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Cherokee, Oklahoma selects smart water solution  for city’s water infrastructure

Smart Earth Technologies (SET) and the City of Cherokee in Oklahama have jointly announced the selection of the SET LTE/5G cellular Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution for the City’s water metering infrastructure.

The City cited SET’s cost certainty, and SET’s unique ability to integrate with multiple meter brands as the reasons for selection. However, the top benefit is recurring operation savings as the City had previously utilized a touch read system that required a utility worker to manually visit each meter site for data collection.

“Our upgrade to the SET cellular AMI solution will save the city seven days’ per month of manpower previously used to manually collect meter data,” said Michael Jones, City Manager for the City of Cherokee. “With SET, the utility team and residents will have their daily water usage available to them instead of only the monthly view. We will have the ability to be proactive on leakage should it occur, and we will no longer have to send our team into the field for data collection. SET will increase convenience, safety and recurring operating savings.”

The City will use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to help deliver the much needed infrastructure to their water system. The SET solution will transmit consumption, flow, leak, tamper, and alert events to the SET Head End System via LTE/5G cellular technology. SET’s wide meter compatibility enables the City to only replace the meters that are at their end of life, maintaining and leveraging the City’s previous investments.

SET products include fully integrated, battery-operated, cellular endpoint transceivers and valves, installation tools, LTE network infrastructure, award-winning cloud software for head-end, data management, and professional services for Customer Information Systems (CIS) integration.

As utilities consider the sunset-stage of earlier generation systems, the SET cloud and LTE based solutions provide an infrastructure-free approach to network migration, software integration, new use cases, recurring operating savings, and customer satisfaction.

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