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Aquarius Spectrum and TaKaDu in integration partnership for effective water management

Aquarius’s alerts integrated in TaKaDu’s event management platform

Aquarius Spectrum and TaKaDu are collaborating to provide water utilities with a centralized, cloud-based solution for improved network efficiency, water loss reduction and asset management.

Based on big data analytics and tailored algorithms, TaKaDu’s Central Event Management solution is being integrated with Aquarius’s automatic leak detection and monitoring system to detect, monitor, analyze and manage faulty pipes, hidden leaks and other anomalies in the water network.

Integration between the two systems enables users to receive two independent indications about the same problem in the same area, one from TaKaDu and one from Aquarius. Using the centralized platform, operational teams can validate, track, prioritize and resolve events more easily, in coordination with other departments in the organization.

The combined solution facilitates follow up action (for repairs etc.) and provides management dashboards, actionable insights and detailed reports for strategic decisions and budget planning.

Oded Fruchtman, CEO of Aquarius Spectrum, said:

“As we strive to provide water utilities fast, reliable and accurate location of leaks, combining our detections and TaKaDu’s event management platform enables customers to validate alerts and significantly accelerate response times.”

“Our collaboration with TaKaDu is in line with our strategy to assist water utilities reduce their non-revenue-water with cutting-edge technologies.”

Udi Geismar, VP Customer Success, TaKaDu described the collaboration with Aquarius as an important step in its efforts to integrate TaKaDu with other alerting systems giving customers a one-stop-shop for effective water management. The companies have already successfully implemented a pilot at its joint customer Hagihon in Israel, which has delivered substantial water savings.

Aquarius Spectrum solutions are based on acoustic and hydrophone sensors combined with dedicated software and patented algorithms which are suitable for all types of pipes (iron, steel, plastic, etc.) of various diameters.

The systems can be used to assess the condition of the buried water main infrastructure at any given time, significantly reducing unnecessary operating and maintenance costs.

To date, the company has deployed more than 5,000 sensors installed as part of various projects in Israel and around the world and has helped water utilities reduce the loss caused by non-revenue-water by tens of percentage points.

Cumulative savings to its customers are estimated at several million cubic meters, thanks to an automatic warning system that enables utilities to address small and medium leaks before they develop into large ones and into pipe bursts, and to handle other failures in the pipeline.

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