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Danish firm Kamstrup opens US manufacturing facility for water meters

Kamstrup flowIQ® meters during the automated production process

Danish-headquartered supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions Kamstrup is opening a new water meter production facility in the United States.

The facility will be opened next week by Lars Gert Lose, the Danish Ambassador to the United States. Kamstrup is 100 percent owned by the Danish energy company, OK.

In contrast to companies across all manufacturing sectors who are offshoring production, Kamstrup is bringing in production and jobs to the United States.

Kamstrup said the US-based production facility will enable close proximity between customers, production and development to aid rapid innovation. By adding an additional manufacturing capacity, Kamstrup will be able to meet the high demand for the company’s smart metering solutions.

Known worldwide for their automated production processes, Kamstrup’s meters are built with repeatable precision – the firm has a near-zero meter failure rate. Kamstrup implements automation throughout the production process, including autonomous mobile robots to transport semi-finished and finished items and a robot to package boxes and pallets. It also operates an ISO-17025 accredited flow laboratory to ensure the accuracy of their water meters.

With a workforce located across 24 countries, Kamstrup serves energy companies, utilities and the submetering business with innovative metering solutions for electricity, heat, cooling and water.

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