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Diam goes out to tender for new water distribution networks in Oman

Diam, the Public Authority for Electricity and Water in Oman, has floated tenders to establish a water distribution network in the areas of Thamatham and Salaha in the wilayat of Barka in the Governorate of South Batinah.

Diam is also tendering  for the establishment of a  water distribution network in the Al-Khashabah area of the Al-Mudhaibi wilayat in the Governorate of North Sharqiyah, as well as technical works for Old Al-Khoud reservoirs in wilayat of Seeb in the Governorate of Muscat.

The tenders are in line with its strategy to increase the coverage of public water networks and achieve sustainability in the water sector to cover 98% of the Sultanate’s population by 2040.

In addition to these projects, Diam is currently working on a number of water projects in various governorates of the Sultanate, including water transmission lines and distribution networks, including:

  • strategic project for 220 km transmission line from Sohar Desalination Plant to governorate of Dhahira
  • establishing water distribution networks in the wilayats of Seeb, Ma’bela, Al-Khoud and Al-Mawaleh
  • construction of water networks in the wilayat of Bidbid and in the wilayat of Bidiya and other projects in different wilayats
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