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Federal emergency declaration gets California more funding, equipment, and personnel.

So far in 2023, winter storms have claimed the lives of 14 Californians – more lives than wildfires in the past two years combined.

Heavy rainfall is forecasted throughout the state and northern California on Wednesday. According to the National Weather Service, rainfall levels are 400-600% above average across California.

The state is working to support the most vulnerable Californians with 11 shelters statewide along with an additional 20 shelters that are pre-staged and on standby.

Governor Gavin Newsom is urging people to keep their guard up as strong winds and heavy rains continue to threaten communities across the state.

President Biden approved Governor Newsom’s request for a federal emergency declaration, activating the full weight of the federal government to support California’s storm response and recovery efforts. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is making federal disaster assistance available to supplement local and state resources, including funding, equipment, and personnel.

The declaration will activate the full weight of the federal government behind California’s storm response and allow the state to immediately access federal resources and personnel.

“We are in the middle of a deadly barrage of winter storms – and California is using every resource at its disposal to protect lives and limit damage,” said Governor Newsom. “We are taking the threat from these storms seriously and want to make sure that Californians stay vigilant as more storms head our way.”

Governor Newsom is being briefed by state emergency officials on the latest conditions and response efforts, and the Governor continues to actively monitor storm impacts.

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