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Global water report triggers new collaboration by global partnerships

The publication of the High-Level Panel on Water report, Making Every Drop Count, together with discussions at last week’s 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia, has catalyzed a new collaboration by five global partnerships to tackle global water challenges.

The report by the High-Level Panel on Water says that if the world continues on its current path, it may face a 40% shortfall in water availability by 2030. Health, food security, energy sustainability, jobs, cities, and ecosystems are increasingly at risk due to exacerbating natural variability of the water cycle and growing water stress.

The World Bank Water Global Practice, 2030 Water Resources Group, Global Water Partnership, World Water Council, and UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate announced the commitment to coordinate a set of actions toward increased water security.

The formation of the partnership by organisations representing business, governments, intergovernmental organizations, academia  and civil society is aimed at accelerating progress toward ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation around the world.

The organizations have agreed to:

  • Take into account the outcomes of the 8th World Water Forum, proposed by the various political, thematic, regional, citizen, and sustainability processes
  • Endorse the recommendations of the High-Level Panel on Water (HLPW) “Making Every Drop Count”
  • Recognize the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 17) that promotes partnerships as a key means of implementation of the 2030 development agenda – in particular for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals calling for a Water Secure World (SDG6)
  • Commit to convene a series of discussions between the leaders of the organizations, starting in August 2018
  • Explore and agree on pathways towards improving global coordination and collaboration among these and other organizations

Oyun Sanjaasuren, the Chair of Global Water Partnership, said:

“The Global Water Partnership is prepared to offer its on-the-ground multi-stakeholder networks to advance better water governance.” Echoing GWP’s “Act on SDG 6” campaign, launched during the 8th World Water Forum, Sanjaasuren added, “It is time for policy makers to make SDG6 implementation a top priority.”

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