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Global water tech firm Xylem outperforms on GHG and sustainability targets

Global water technology company Xylem Inc has announced it has succeeded in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) intensity, exceeding its planned target.

Xylem’s newly-published 2019 Sustainability Report, Water for a Healthy World, reveals that the company achieved a 28.3% reduction in GHG intensity, against a target of 20% set in 2014.

The report also demonstrates that the US-headquartered firm either exceeded or made material progress on all of its 2019 sustainability targets.

Water for a Healthy World, which has been verified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as conforming to GRI’s reporting standards, details Xylem’s progress on a wide range of sustainability topics: from energy and water intensity, to innovation, diversity and inclusion, disaster relief, corporate citizenship, community impact and employee volunteerism.

In addition to beating its own stretch targets for greenhouse gas emissions, the water technology leader also reduced product energy intensity.

Xylem’s corporate social responsibility program, Xylem Watermark, also achieved new levels of employee engagement, reaching 58% participation and over 70,000 volunteer hours in 2019, alone.

The program also launched a global Humanitarian Disaster Response Team, engaging employees, customers, and suppliers in responding to water-related disasters, such as floods and hurricanes. Xylem Watermark partners with over 250 non-profit organizations, globally.

Patrick Decker, Xylem’s President and CEO commented:

“The importance of water to community sustainability is more apparent today than perhaps any other time in recent history.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical role that clean water and reliable sanitation play in preventing and controlling disease and in making communities resilient in the face of extraordinary challenges.”

Xylem has been recognized as a top performer across a range of leading sustainability listings – including Fortune’s Change the World list, Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies, and a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

“With water and resource management at the core of our business, Xylem is deeply committed to sustainability,” continued Decker. “It is fundamental to who we are and what we do. We feel both privileged and proud to be making progress, alongside our customers and partners, and making a difference for our stakeholders, globally. Now, as part of our mission to solve the world’s toughest water and resource challenges — making the world more sustainable for everyone — we’re committing ourselves to doing even more.”

Xylem sets 2025 goals in response to escalating water challenges around the world

Water for a Healthy World marks the finish line for Xylem’s previous set of 5-year sustainability targets, set in 2014, and the first year of tracking its bolder 2025 goals, set last year.

“A year ago, we expanded our sustainability strategy and set 2025 goals in response to escalating water challenges around the world,” said Claudia Toussaint, Xylem’s General Counsel and Chief Sustainability Officer.

“We are a company that pushes boundaries and are motivated to achieve a sustainable future. So, when we refreshed our sustainability goals, we built on our momentum and got more ambitious. We expanded our sustainability strategy, put greater focus on advancing sustainability across our customer products and solutions, and integrated sustainability even more tightly with our business strategy.”

With more than 16,000 employees and revenues of $5.25 billion in 2019, Xylem’s 2025 goals include commitments to:

  • Save more than 16.5 billion cubic meters of water through the use of advanced technologies;
  • Prevent over 7 billion cubic meters of polluted water from flooding communities or entering local waterways;
  • Provide access to clean water and sanitation solutions for at least 20 million people;
  • Ensure 100% of employees have access to clean water and safe sanitation at work, at home and during natural disasters;
  • Give 1% of xylem employees’ time and 1% of company profits to water-related causes and education;
  • Use 100% renewable energy and 100% process water recycling at its major facilities.

Click here to download Water for a Healthy World

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