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Romanian utility selects Itron water meters to reduce water loss

Itron, Inc., a world-leading energy and water technology and services company, has announced that the Romanian water utility, SC CUP Dunarea Braila SA, will install nearly 30,000 Itron Flodis/Flostar M water meters equipped with radio modules to address water loss.

CUP Dunarea Braila is the regional water and wastewater operator in south-eastern Romania, which serves more than 280,000 people in 104 towns.

To modernize the current water infrastructure, the utility has decided to install Itron’s Flodis/Flostar M meter equipped with smart radio modules to replace the utility’s lower precision meters. With the support of local Itron partner Vestra (Elsaco Group), the meters will be deployed for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Mobile data collection will allow the utility to reduce meter reading time and cost and avoid manual reading mistakes. The precise information and data analysis provided  by the smart meters to store and transmit enhanced, advanced data will enable the utility to monitor water usage, reduce water loss, detect fraud and optimize water network efficiency.

Silviu Mangiurea, general manager of CUP Dunarea Braila commented:

“This project will enable us to improve water delivery to our customers. These meters will help reduce water losses due to leaks or measurement inaccuracies by providing accurate water usage data.”

“We are pleased to work with Itron to update our infrastructure with technology to improve our operational performance and customer service.”

Mathias Martin, Itron vice president of sales, EMEA. said the Flodis/Flostar M water meter was designed to provide accurate readings in tough conditions and would equip CUP Dunarea Braila to accurately measure water consumption and optimize reading processes.

“We are confident in the proven success of these meters, with millions in service around the world,” he added.

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