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Samsung launches filter to protect oceans from microplastics.

Samsung Electronics has recently unveiled an external filter designed for washing machines – the Less Microfiber™ Filter – which aims to substantially reduce the emission of plastic microfibres during laundry cycles. In collaboration with apparel manufacturer Patagonia and ocean conservation organization Ocean Wise, Samsung has built upon the success of its previous filter to develop a solution that promotes sustainable laundry practices.

The filter is currently available in South Korea and the United Kingdom, with plans for a global release soon. By incorporating this filter into their washing routines, users can prevent up to 98% of microplastics released during laundry from polluting the oceans. Using the filter four times a week is estimated to prevent the release of microplastics equivalent to the volume of eight 500ml plastic bottles annually.

The Less Microfiber™ Cycle, introduced last year, forms the foundation of Samsung’s efforts to combat microplastic pollution. This cycle capitalizes on the company’s proprietary Ecobubble™ technology, which employs bubbles to dissolve and absorb detergent. As a result, less energy is required for washing, reducing the amount of microplastics shed from clothing.

The filter is designed to be compatible with standard washing machine models, and is made from recycled plastics, aligning with Samsung’s goal of incorporating sustainability at every stage of the product’s lifecycle. Additionally, the filter’s blades feature a mesh size of 65-70 micrometers, efficiently capturing and compressing microplastics. Users will only need to clean the filter approximately once a month.

To enhance user experience and monitoring, the Less Microfiber™ Filter can be connected to Samsung’s SmartThings platform. This connectivity allows users to track the filter’s fullness and receive alerts through the SmartThings app for cleaning or troubleshooting requirements. Moreover, the Less Microfiber™ Cycle is available as a preset option on select Samsung washing machine models and will be made accessible to previous Wi-Fi-enabled models via an over-the-network update.

Samsung remains dedicated to its sustainability journey beyond the introduction of the Less Microfiber™ Cycle and Filter. The company plans to continue developing new technologies and products that integrate sustainable practices into customers’ daily lives. Collaborations with partners such as Patagonia will further advance efforts to combat marine pollution and deliver eco-conscious solutions for households.

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