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Thailand – final approval of draft 20-year master plan for water resource management expected this week

The National Water Resources Board of Thailand is expected to approve the draft 20-year master plan for water resource management for the country when it meets this week.

The draft master plan was approved at a meeting of the sub-committee for water resource management strategy presided over by Gen. Chatchai Sarikulya, Deputy Prime Minister which took place at Government House on 6 December.

The strategy has been formulated by the Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) in collaboration with other agencies. The master plan goals have been set in the context of three primary plans and strategy:

  • the 5th development strategy (environmental-friendly growth for sustainable development) under the 20-year national strategy
  • national reform plan on water resources
  • the 6th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all).

The draft 20-year master plan on water resource management (2018-2037) is the revision of Thailand’s 12-year water resource management strategy (2015-2026) and covers a number of areas of development, including:

  • management of water for consumption
  • water security in production sector
  •  flood management
  • water quality management and conservation
  • rehabilitation of denuded forest watersheds and erosion prevention
  • management and administration through revision of laws
  • establishment of water management agency
  • database development
  • R&D
  • development of water management direction
  • management planning in both normal and crisis situations
  • development of international cooperation.

The draft plan will be considered by the National Water Resources Board for approval at its meeting on December 19, 2018.

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