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Cairo to host major international water desalination conference

Cairo is getting to ready to host Arwadex 2019 later this month – the Water Desalination Conference in the Arab Countries takes place on 23rd and 24th April.

The Conference is considered one of the most important international conferences on desalination and  the widest specialized regional gathering to discuss desalination researches, technologies, economies & sustainability.

The conference represents  a key event for the private sector to find out about investment opportunities available in the desalination industry and explore the issues related to consulting and contracting activities in the sector.

Key conference objectives include:

  • Exchange of expertise between stakeholders in Arab Countries in water desalination and the environment sector
  • Encouraging and promoting research and technical development cooperation between research authorities in Arab Countries & internationally
  • Encouraging the private sector to invest in water desalination projects by presenting construction, operation and maintenance investment opportunities.
  • Contributing to the transfer and localization of desalination technologies in Arab Countries by encouraging companies specializing in the saline water desalination sector to establish plants in Arab Countries.
  • Feasibility of greater uptake of alternative and renewable energies in the desalination sector in addition to steps taken to date in Arab countries.
  • The wide-ranging programme of conference topics include:
  • Enabling the application of desalination research results in commercial operations
  • Presentations of successful experiences in desalination applications in Arab Countries
  • International modern guidelines in desalination techniques
  •  Presentation of developments of alternative and renewable energy applications in desalination sector
  • Integration of desalination in water resources systems in Arab Countries
  • Desalinated water transportation (pipelines and pumping stations)
  • Institutional investment to build desalination systems in the Arab countries

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Saline Water Desalination Research Institute and Desalination Division – Saudi Council of Engineers are among the organisations involved in the advisory council for the conference.

Click here to access the conference programme

Click here to access the Arwadex registration portal

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