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Dubai looks to set up floating PV plants in Arabian Gulf

The Emirate of Dubai is looking to establish floating power plants to take advantage of important alternative solutions to conventional energy as part of its ongoing effort to keep pace with rapid developments and growth in the renewable and clean energy sector.

The floating PV sector is witnessing rapid growth in the solar energy market and has become one of the leading emerging technology applications that rely on the deployment of solar PV systems directly above water to convert direct heat radiation into electrical energy through solar cells.

The installation of floating solar systems is expected to increase significantly over the next two decades, due to the advantages of floating plants compared to earth stations, including reduced evaporation in water bodies, which contributes to solving the problem of water poverty, especially in hot climates.

As a result of water taking over the task of washing dust from the plates, there is no need to prepare and level the site, not even to build walls or construction works, in addition to the exploitation of vast areas of water bodies.

Floating plants also provide shaded areas above sea level, which contribute to preventing algae growth, thereby improving water quality.

At the same time water continuously lowers the temperature of the solar panels, enhancing their efficiency.

Developing a floating solar system in the waters of the Arabian Gulf will make Dubai a pioneer in the innovation of modern methods and methods to enhance the efficiency of the energy sector and rationalize the consumption of natural resources to support sustainable development in the Emirate.

The Dubai Municipality has already reached 50% completion of the installation of a solar PV system floating on the deep tunnel lakes for rainwater drainage.

The Dubai Energy and Water Authority has issued a new tender for consultancy services to study, develop and construct floating solar power plants in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

The consultancy services contract includes an economic feasibility study and the preparation of technical requirements for the construction of floating plants for solar PV panels, environmental studies and marine requirements including tidal factors, safety procedures, electrical connection, system performance, and other studies and settings required, in addition to the preparation of technical specifications for the project. .

DEWA has visited Singapore, where the world’s largest solar panel floating plantation is located, where it met with experts to discuss global best practices and practices in renewable, clean and sustainable energy.

DEWA is currently organizing the 21st edition of WETEX and the fourth edition of Dubai Solar Energy Exhibition under the umbrella of Green Week from 21 to 23 October 2019.

The two exhibitions will be an integrated platform for companies and institutions working in the floating PV sector. WETEX will see organisations in the energy, water and environment sectors to promote innovative products, services and technologies.

Attendees at WETEX will meet decision makers, investors, buyers and interested people from around the world to make deals and build partnerships and learn about the latest technologies in these areas.

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