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Dubai Municipality completes 90% of Deep Tunnel Drainage Project

The Dubai Municipality has completed close to 90% of the Deep Tunnel Drainage Project and the work continues without interruption, according to the scheduled time plan.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality said:

“The tunnel work was not affected during the exceptional national sterilization period and the fourth and final stage of tunnel excavation has been completed.”

“Pouring of 66,000 cubic meters of concrete for the main pumping station has been completed using 12,000 tons of reinforced steel, which will be able to absorb 110 cubic meters of water per second, equivalent to discharging 9.5 million cubic meters per day.”

The tunnel project is now entering the final point at the Artificial Island near the Jebel Ali port, after passing down from Sheikh Zayed Road, and the length of drilling for this stage reached 2.5 km. This brings the project to the end of the deep tunnelling stage, with a length of 10.3 km.

The first stage was completed on September 25, 2019

Al Hajri said the tunnel has become ready for linkage and high operation in October 2020.

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