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Dupont to acquire membrane business from Evoqua Water Technologies Corp.

Dupont has signed an agreement with Evoqua Water Technologies Corp to acquire the  Memcor®  business which includes both ultrafiltration and membrane bio filtration technologies.

Marc Doyle CEO of DuPont said that the company is planning to develop a portfolio of technologies including water purification and separation capabilities such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. The aim is to enable the global organization to provide a wide scale of solutions to help its customers tackle their most demanding challenges.

Dupont has also separately announced it also intends to acquire BASF’s ultrafiltration business (expected to close by the end of 2019 subject to regulatory approvals).  Doyle said the acquisition would emphasize Dupont’s commitment to finance speciality solutions affiliated with high growth, attractive end markets where he  believed that the company’s continued innovation and customer relationships added value.

HP Nanda, Global Vice President & General Manager of DuPont Water Solutions said that the already well-established business relationship between Dupont and Evoqua would be further complemented by the latest deal as the two companies focus more efficiently on what they each do best. HP Nanda commented:

“The addition of Evoqua’s ultrafiltration portfolio opens DuPont Water Solutions to additional market spaces including membrane bioreactors, submerged and pressurized ultrafiltration systems bringing more choice and opportunity for customers.”

Ron Keating, CEO of Evoqua, described the transaction as “a brilliant opportunity for Memcor® and its staff to affiliate with the power that Dupont has in membrane development and material science.”

Keating added that Evoqua’s strategy is to source components that the firm can incorporate into innovative products and integrated solutions and services that align with its strengths, commenting:

“We are confident that the Memcor® product line will thrive under DuPont’s leadership and we look forward to continuing our decades’ long relationship with DuPont to bring integrated membrane-based systems and solutions to the marketplace.”

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