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International delegates set to gather for keynote desalination conference in Athens

The European Desalination Society is getting ready to host a keynote international desalination conference and exhibition which will take place in Athens from 23rd to 25thSeptember 2018.

Desalination professionals from across the globe, including experts from China, Korea, United States, Canada, Middle East and Europe will address the most recent developments in desalination technology, its cost and extent of application, including socio-economic and environmental issues, during the comprehensive three day programme.

Key topics covered during the conference in keynote presentations and an extensive range of breakout sessions include:

  • Advanced wastewater treatment
  • Biofilms
  • Brackish water desalination
  • Energy
  • Energy recovery technology
  • Feedwater pretreatment for desalination
  • Forward osmosis
  • Fouling
  • Membrane performance and maintenance
  • Membrane reuse
  • Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration in water treatment processes
  • Pressure retarded osmosis
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment of desalinated water
  • Recent developments in desalination
  • Removal of specific compounds
  • Renewable energy for desalination
  • Seawater desalination by reverse osmosis

The conference, which will be attended by a large group of local and international delegates, provides a unique opportunity to hear the latest developments in  the industry and network with a wide range of professionals working  across the desalination sector, including:

  • research scientists
  • decision makers
  • managers
  • design engineers
  • operators from water companies  industrial users
  • government departments
  • consulting firms
  • equipment manufacturers
  • service providers
  • research institutes
  • universities

The European Desalination Society is focussed on promoting awareness of the true value of water and its augmentation by desalination, together with encouraging research, development, and appropriate use of desalination, desalination technology and water reuse.

Describing water and energy as “the issues of this millennium”, the Society said the focal point of the conference will be how desalination should be integrated into national and /or regional water management plans

Click here for more information on how to register

Click here for a detailed overview of the three day conference programme

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