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Iwater 2018 Barcelona to host 9th Water Economy Forum

Iwater, the International Integral Water Cycle Trade Fair organised by Fira de Barcelona, will, for the first time, be the framework for the next Water Economy Forum.

The Forum has already been consolidated as an independent, academic arena for the ongoing debate around integral water cycle management strategies, long-term water safety for cities and other activities, alongside the current and future challenges faced by the sector and the financial management of water resources.

Running from 13 to 15 November, Iwater will showcase the best commercial deals and products being carried out, as well as the latest R&D,  products and solutions covering every phase of the integral water cycle, for areas such as cities, agriculture and industry.

The trade fair will give visibility to innovation and technological transformation in the sector, offering practical information and a platform to discuss how to confront the immediate future of water resource management through a wide range of activities devoted to debate and the sharing of information.

The Water Economy Forum, an initiative started three years ago by the University of Alcalá, will take place within the framework of Iwater for the first time as the result of a partnership agreement between the two organisations.

Issues covered by the Forum, which will bring together many international and national experts in Barcelona, include:

  • the need to guarantee long term water safety;
  • the role of water as a key factor in the circular economy and sustainable development;
  • the inequality of access to drinking water and sanitation at a worldwide level;
  • and the application of artificial intelligence and new technologies to water distribution and sanitation.

By holding the Forum under the aegis of Iwater, Iwater’s Director, Ángel Celorrio, said:

“The trade fair strengthens its role as a platform for trends and dissemination of information in the service of the integral water cycle, of which it aims to be the most prominent driving force.

“We are delighted to host the Water Economy Forum, an event with which we hold shared values and objectives. We feel it is necessary to facilitate the dissemination of information, as well as providing networking opportunities for business owners, experts, scientists and researchers, in order to head up sustainable development in the water sector.”

Water must take more prominent role on political agenda and in corporate decision-making

The Forum’s Academic Director, Gonzalo Delacámara, commented:

“At the Water Economy Forum we understand that the management of the integral water cycle, and of the urban water cycle as part of it, demands that we overcome fragmented, partial and sectoral approaches.

“Water connections are often ignored along with other sectoral policies, along with the social and economic development strategy in general, and so we must clearly prioritise establishing these links.

“The importance of water, and water safety, is so great that it is essential for it to take on a much more prominent role on the political agenda and in corporate decision-making.”

 Debate on the challenges of water

Since its inception in 2016, eight Water Economic Forums have been held, mostly in Madrid and Barcelona. Leading experts and professionals from both public and private water sectors and from a wide range of international organisations (United Nations system, OECD, etc.) have taken part.

Experts taking part in this year’s Forum at Iwater framework include the Davos Economic Forum social agenda council member, Arthur Wood, the Oxford University lecturer, Dustin Garrick, the founder of the TrueFootprint start-up, Fredik Galtung and the founder of the blockchain company, Civic Ledger, Grantly Miles, among others.

Innovation and Technology at Iwater 2018

In 2018, the Iwater trade fair will focus on innovation and technology as the main driving forces capable of ensuring efficient, sustainable and “smart” water resource management for cities, agriculture and industry. Other issues Iwater 2018 will address via a range of conferences, debates and presentations include water reuse, the need to modernise existing infrastructures and the challenges arising from the digital transformation of the water sector.

Iwater 2018 will bring together operators, engineering firms, construction companies and public authorities, as well as companies offering solutions for the collection, treatment, distribution, transport, storage, sanitation, purification, reuse, irrigation, management and consumption of water for agricultural, urban, industrial and domestic use.

This year, around 130 exhibitors from 10 countries will take part in the Iwater event, including leading companies such as Bürkert, Contazara, Culligan, Likitech, Keller Ag, Prinze, Regaber and Sas Lacroix Sofrel, among many others.

Visitors will discover the most recent advances and latest products on the market, as well as opportunities for the digital transformation of efficient and sustainable water management using technologies such as big data, IoT and blockchain.

The 9th edition of the Forum will be held during the trade fair, on 15 November, at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue.

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