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New €100m EU-Funded project set to improve water quality in Malta to all-new highs

A new €100 million EU-Funded ‘Net Zero Impact Utility’ project by the Water Services Corporation (WSC) in Malta is set to improve water quality in the country to all-new highs.

The corporation has started work on the initiative, which consists of a range of separate projects including :

  • An upgrade of all Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants so that they will operate more efficiently and produce better quality water.
  • The booster pumps and header at Pembroke Reverse Osmosis plant will also be upgraded to ensure that their characteristics correspond with the new transfer line to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
  • Ground water abstraction will be spatially dispersed and electronically controlled to improve the quality of abstracted water whilst safeguarding the aquifer. Many more boreholes will be brought online which will be remotely monitored in real time so that the boreholes can be “rested” according to operational needs and aquifer condition.
  • A new reverse osmosis RO plant will be built in Hondoq ir-Rummien in Gozo, on the site of the former sea-water distillation plant, built in the 1960s. The new plant which will supply 9,000 cubic metres of water every day, will make Malta’s sister island self-sufficient in the provision of water.
  • The plant will be housed in an existing building and will produce desalinated water for Gozo, eliminating the use of the existing undersea pipe from Cirkewwa. The new RO plant will, if necessary, supply water to Malta by pumping water in the opposite direction towards Cirkewwa thereby ensuring better security of supply.

The Hondoq ir-Rummien Site in Gozo where a new RO will be built

Last week WSC also issued another tender for around 15km of trenching and 45km of pipelaying for the extension of the primary network distribution system to remote areas in Siggiewi, Zebbug and Qrendi.

Click here to access information about the latest tenders

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