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Oman awards $121.7 million flood protection dam contracts

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Oman has awarded two major flood protection dam projects with a combined total value of $121.7 million (OMR 46,827,955).

Both schemes for the construction of  flood protection dams at Wadi Adawnib (A1B) in Wilayat Salalah – Dhofar Governorate and at Wadi Annar and River Training at Salalah Marine Port- Dhofar Governorate respectively have been awarded to Governorate to AZ Engineers & Partners L.L.C.

The Oman based construction company, one of six firms in the bidding for the work, submitted the lowest bids for both projects.

The dams will be constructed in the Dhofar government, a province in south of Oman and Raysut Industrial Zone, which is located in Oman’s southern region of Dhofar to protect target areas including Salalah Port and Raysut industrial area against cyclonic storms.

The flood protection scheme is aimed at intercepting flood waters coming from wadis originating from the mountain range – three main wadis in Salalah discharge flood water into the strategically located Port of Salalah.

The dams are intended to protect the target areas from floods, sediment, and debris.

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