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SUEZ jv wins €436 million wastewater treatment plant contract in China Water Treatment

SUEZ NWS has signed, through its joint venture Changshu Sino French Water, a 30-year contract with Changshu Water Bureau, to own and operate four wastewater treatment plants. The contract, worth a total of €436 million, is in line with the Changshu government’s ambition to optimize water supply and sanitation services across the whole city. SUEZ NWS has acquired the ownership and operating rights of the four wastewater treatment plants for which it has managed operation and maintenance services until now.  
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The joint venture Changshu Sino French Water will extend the four plants to a global capacity of 180,000 m3/day from the existing 80,000 m3/day. The four plants today serve roughly 900,000 residential, industrial and commercial users across 10 Changshu districts. Changshu Sino French Water will treat the industrial and municipal wastewater to ensure compliance with the existing rigorous standards. It will also expand and upgrade the plants’ facilities where necessary, to meet even higher standards in future.

With a presence in Changshu since 2006, Changshu Sino French Water has invested over 1 billion RMB in water supply and the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater for over two million residential, industrial and commercial users in Changshu.

The outstanding track record demonstrated by the joint venture in services, safety and corporate social responsibility has resulted in it being named one of the first “5A-Grade Service Units” in China’s water business.

“Our 12-year partnership with SUEZ NWS has profoundly transformed water supply in Changshu and is a prime example of win-win international cooperation”, said SHEN Xiaodong, Executive Vice Mayor of Changshu. “These results have boosted our confidence in growing and reinventing our partnership. We expect this agreement to continue our progress towards integrated water supply and drainage in Changshu.”

The new contract illustrates SUEZ successful partnership with the city of Changshu. The Group has been supporting local authorities since 2006 in producing 875,000 m3 of water and treating 120,000 m3 of wastewater daily.

SUEZ is consolidating its presence in China where it has built 260 water and wastewater treatment plants and provides its expertise to large cities and industries in the treatment and recovery of their waste.


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