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Registration opens for 2019 Climate Bonds Conference in London

Registration is now open for the biggest green bond event of 2019 which takes place in London in March – the global Climate Bonds Annual Conference is focused on green investments, green markets and financing green infrastructure.

The 2019 Climate Bonds Annual Conference will explore how to scale-up the green bonds market into trillions in the 2020s decade.

Trillions of dollars of investment are needed to urgently to support the low carbon transition and climate-resilient economy. Green bonds and climate bonds have become an important part of the climate finance response to meet the low carbon transition challenge. Globally nearly $200 billion have been issued in 2018 – however,  going forward trillions in green investment through the 2020s are needed to make a real difference.

The conference will see 1,000 participants in the green bonds community from over 60 nations network with peers and set the direction of climate finance for the next decade, including:

  • asset owners
  • investment managers
  • infrastructure and debt specialists
  • issuers
  • underwriters
  • regulators and policymakers

Green trillions into the 2020s

The global Climate Bonds Annual Conference in 2019 is a key event for anyone looking to play a role in shaping and implementing the green finance agenda across the globe. Key issues the conference will address include:

  • Insights into the current challenges facing green bonds and solutions
  • Appreciation of the role of regulation in taking green bond issuance to the next level
  • Practice-based insights

The 4th Annual Green Bond Pioneer Awards to celebrate financial leadership and innovation will also take place during the conference, which runs from 5th to 7th March 2019.

Click here to download the agenda

Click here for details of how to take part

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