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Strabag to build phase 2 of the new integrated pumping station for Toronto wastewater treatment plant

Photo: courtesy of STRABAG SE

Phase 2 of the new integrated pumping station at Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant in Toronto has been awarded to the Canadian subsidiary of Austrian company Strabag Group (a technology group for construction services). The contract for this extensive construction project at a cost of approximately CAD 120 million (USD 90,325 million) is to build deep concrete shafts and chambers and feeder tunnels.

The shafts will be linked to feeder tunnels with a total length of 445 m, with a rock tunnel section as well as a parallel pressure pipe in an open cut close to the surface. The new construction will allow the underground transport of wastewater to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The core part of the project is comprised of two large-scale shafts: one 68 m deep with a diameter of 27 m and another 27 m deep with a diameter of 32 m. In addition, there will be five smaller shafts constructed giving a total of 153m of shafts.

CEO of Strabag SE said:

“Our most prominent reference project in tunneling must certainly be the Niagara Tunnel, a 10.1 km long water diversion tunnel with a diameter of 14.4 m, built using one of the world’s largest hard rock tunnel boring machines.”

The pumping station at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto is part of a fourteen-year history of the company’s involvement in projects in Canada where Strabag SE has been working on assignments since 2005.

Project manager Simon Kőck said:

“The pumping station is part of a larger infrastructure program aimed at increasing wastewater capacity in the event of heavy rain and so will improve the water quality of Toronto’s waterways and Lake Ontario.”

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