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Waterhound Futures opts for TDM as agent to provide signature SaaS WWT analytics to UK

Waterhouse Futures has recently contracted Total Development & Management, Inc. (TDM) as agent to provide its predictive software diagnostics to the U.K. industrial wastewater treatment (WWT) system marketplace.  This is referred to collectively as: “The Waterhound Solution.”

Waterhound Futures is an organization that develops software enabling engineers and managers to optimize performance and reduce costs for water and WWT systems.  Through the use of such systems they aim to eliminate contamination of freshwater resources by untreated wastewater.

Total Development & Management, Inc. (TDM) offers expertise and innovative systems of sustainable design, while providing efficiency in cost and operation.

Julie King, Managing Director of  Waterhound Futures, International said:

“We are excited to announce this engagement with TDM, a prominent engineering firm.This is a great opportunity to both introduce and further beta-test our award-winning Waterhound Solution in a thriving industrial marketplace with a constant need for up-to-date, accurate monitoring of all water treatment processes. The Waterhound Solution provides innovative predictive maintenance, not just routine or reactive maintenance. Our software accurately predicts problems before they begin, saving companies time and money.”

Waterhound Futures will cooperate with TDM liaison, Doug Broughton, an industry expert who has thirty years of experience in designing, building and retrofitting food and beverage plants in the UK, South East Asia and Africa. TDM has the engineering capacity to introduce the Waterhound Solution™ and explore clients’ needs to optimize performance of their wastewater treatment assets.

Broughton of TDM said:

“We are very much looking forward working with Waterhound Futures to bring the cost savings and environmental benefits of this software to our customers in the UK.”

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