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50,000 cubic metres of treated wastewater used to irrigate crops in Ajman

The Ajman Sewerage Company has revealed that the amount of treated wastewater that is used daily to irrigate crops reached 50,000 cubic metres while the sewage network in Ajman collects 90,000 cubic metres of wastewater for the emirate’s central treatment plant, as well as 16,000 cubic metres of sewage from areas that are not linked to the network.

Elias Sufair, Director-General of the Ajman Sewerage Company, said that the company has completed many projects in 2017, including the expansion of the central wastewater treatment plant and the linking of many properties to the sewage network.

He added that they are currently working on several projects in various locations, including network expansion and development projects in Al Jerf Industrial Areas 1 and 3, Al Jerf Commercial Area 2, Al Jerf Residential Area 2, as well as a project to expand the sewage network in Al Safiya and the new housing projects in Al Raqayeb.

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