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ACWA - new firm NMES to provide advanced maintenance solutions for power and water plants in Middle East

Saudi Arabia based company ACWA Power and NOMAC, a subsidiary company wholly owned by ACWA, are increasing and augmenting their presence in the power and water market through a recently founded company – NOMAC Maintenance Energy Services (NMES).

ACWA Power is a global leader in the sectors of water desalination and conventional and renewable power generation – the first National Operation & Maintenance Co. (NOMAC) is ACWA’s Operations and Maintenance branch.

The newly established NMES (fully owned by NOMAC), is dedicated to deploying and providing technologically advanced maintenance solutions for power generation and water desalination plants. ACWA and NOMAC’s   expertise and comprehensive understanding in operating and maintaining energy and water desalination plants in the region will be a great advantage for NMES, ACWA said.

NMES is aiming to raise value in countries that ACWA Power and NOMAC operate in through expert training, creation of job opportunities and educating local talent in line with the companies’ commitment to reinforce sustainable socio-economic prosperity.

Over 200 stakeholders from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates  utility companies, including Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) and the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA), attended the NMES launch at the new facility in Dubai. The event was also attended by senior executives from ACWA Power, NOMAC, and delegates of the newly created NMES company.

Chairman of NOMAC and Managing Director of ACWA Power, Thamer Al Sharhan commented:

“This accomplishment is not only a testament of our local and international expertise in power generation and water desalination, it also evidently showcases our knowledge in operating and maintaining large scale projects at the highest levels of efficiency and quality.”

NMES will offer innovative and economical technology solutions for the maintenance of plant machinery and equipment to power and water desalination players across the Middle East. NMES services will offer major plants in the UAE, Oman and KSA the opportunity to radically decrease their overheads and downtime due to malfunctioning of machinery.

NOMAC VP of Field Services & NMES Business Leader, Harald Schmit believes that NMES successfully supports the power and  water, oil and gas and mining industries due to its high level of service to plants. He commented:

“As testament to our strong offering, NMES partnered with Siemens to manage one of the world’s largest outages for F class gas turbines. In line with our vision, we strive to provide the highest level of services and technologies at competitive rates, which enables our assets to optimize their maintenance expenditure and helps ACWA Power and NOMAC bid more effectively for future projects.”

NMES intends to secure its regional market position in the UAE and increase its market share internationally. The company, whose hub is now based in Dubai, will also explore opportunities in renewable energy – a vital growth area for countries in the region.

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