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Archroma & WWF Pakistan sign MoU to improve water conservation in textile sector

Swiss colour & specialty chemicals firm Archroma has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the World Wide Fund for Nature paving the way for formal cooperation between the two institutions in Pakistan on projects related to water conservation in the textile industry there.

Both parties officially signed the MoU in a recent ceremony at the Archroma Center of Excellence in Karachi.

The MoU will build strong ties between Archroma and WWF Pakistan’s initiatives in promoting sustainable practices within the textile industry using Archroma’s technical expertise toward zero liquid discharge, software simulations in production lines, and the Archroma ONE WAY Process Simulator tool, together with research methodologies in reducing water consumption and re-using water.

Both institutions will jointly strive to raise awareness in the Pakistan textile sector through training programs by introducing new process models.

Mujtaba Rahim, CEO, Archroma Pakistan Ltd, said:

“We at Archroma are very proud to join hands with WWF for a cause that is close to our heart, and we strongly believe that water conservation is the key to the sustainability of our industry.

“We believe in continuous improvement, and through this important initiative we are confident to improve upon the depleting water reserves, especially in Sindh.Water conservation by recycling and reuse will definitely save fresh-water reservoirs. “

The technical expertise of our team and enthusiasm of WWF Pakistan in conserving natural resources is an ideal partnership and we look forward to working on many projects in the future.”

Zahid Sultan Jadoon, Director Operations, WWF Pakistan said currently water is one of its major focus areas and the MoU with Archroma would add to its work on water-saving measures.

“Our joint collaboration with the textile sector will definitely result in introducing production facility improvements”,  he added.

Archroma’s Sustainable Effluent Treatment (SET) plant at Jamshoro in Pakistan is a unique facility within the textile dyes and chemicals manufacturing industry. It operates toward zero liquid discharge – with 80% water recovery it saves millions of litres of fresh water.

For decades, the neighbouring community has been receiving approximately 11,000 gallons of clean, fresh drinking water daily, absolutely free of cost.

In 2014, the SET facility attracted the attention of the Alliance for Water Stewardship, which presented Archroma with a “Global Water Stewardship Award” at the Global Water Summit in Paris in 2014.

Headquartered in Reinach near Basel, Switzerland,  Archroma operates with 3,000 employees over 35 countries and with 24 production sites.



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