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Epic CleanTec secures US$2.6 million seed funding

Epic CleanTec a sustainability company headquartered in San Francisco has declared that the company has successfully secured US$2.6 million in seed funding. The funding will advance its efforts to redefine urban wastewater.

Epic CleanTec has developed an innovative and exclusive approach to onsite wastewater treatment and reuse by processing a building’s wastewater to produce both recycled water for non-potable applications like toilet flushing, irrigation, and cooling towers.

Epic is decentralizing wastewater treatment and reuse into individual buildings or groups of buildings, by converting building wastewater into natural, carbon-rich soil amendments and water that can be purified and reused onsite for non-potable applications.

The Epic system can help a building reduce the cost and complexity of onsite wastewater treatment and reuse up to 90%.

Aaron Tartakovsky, Epic’s co-founder and CEO said:

“We are reimagining a centuries-old approach to wastewater management with 70% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, we need to fundamentally rethink how we handle water and wastewater. We’re excited to be partnering with leading companies in the urban world—real estate developers, architects, engineers, and contractors—to deploy our novel approach and save buildings money, conserve precious water resources, and create more sustainable, resilient cities.”

In 2019, after having completed 18 months of testing at Stanford University Epic successfully installed its first building system at NEMA apartment complex (an award-winning residential building) in downtown San Francisco.

Epic is now participating in the highly competitive Imagine H2O accelerator, the world’s top water-focused startup program.

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