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Nestlé Waters to certify its sites worldwide to Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard by 2025

Nestlé Waters has announced that it will extend its commitment to water stewardship by certifying all of its sites to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard by 2025.

The water division of the Nestlé Group and the number one bottled water company worldwide,  it operates in 34 production countries with 92 production facilities.

The global standard promotes responsible water use that benefits local communities socially and economically, while ensuring environmental sustainability of watersheds – all priorities for Nestlé.

Since first committing to certify 20 of its factories by 2020 to the AWS Standard in 2017, Nestlé Waters has already certified eight of its factories around the world, including in Pakistan, Canada and the United States.

“Water is one of the most critical sustainability challenges facing society and our business. At Nestlé, we care for water. We are 100% committed to safeguarding water resources for future generations,” said Nestlé Waters CEO, Maurizio Patarnello. “By pledging to certify all our Nestlé Waters sites against this publicly recognized, credible water stewardship standard, we demonstrate how we positively contribute to water resources where we operate for the shared benefit of all.”

Nestlé said the strengthened commitment is part of it how cares for water across four key areas:

  • Factories – by continuously improving water use efficiency
  • Watershed – by working with partners to protect shared water resources
  • Agricultural supply chains – where water challenges are putting the sourcing of Nestlé’s raw materials at risk
  • Communities where it operates to provide access to clean water and sanitation

The Alliance for Water Stewardship is a global membership collaboration which developed the International Water Stewardship Standard, known as the AWS Standard. The  globally-applicable framework for major water users enables them to understand their water use and impacts, and to work collaboratively and transparently for sustainable water management within a catchment context.

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